What is Portfolio Management (PAMM)?

It is an abbreviation for the phrase (Percent allocation management module) which means (Percentage Management Units), meaning the management of funds by a person who has the ability to manage a combined portfolio and share profits and losses according to a condition determined by the owner of the portfolio and conditions usually according to:

Also, the owner of the portfolio will have a percentage through profits only, which is the commission of the owner of the combined portfolio, and this percentage is determined by the portfolio manager.

رسم بياني يوضح الية الاستثمار في المحافظ المجمعة او الـ PAMM
A chart showing the mechanism of investing in a pooled portfolio or PAMM

The pooled portfolio manager (PAMM) does not share losses with you, but rather shares profits with you according to a fixed percentage or percentage of the portfolio.

  • The company is not responsible for mismanagement of portfolios.​
  • The company does not endorse any investor in any way.​
رسم بياني يوضح تقاسم المستثمرين الخسائر الناتجة عن إدارة المحفظة
Diagram showing profit sharing by Investors and Portfolio Manager
رسم بياني يوضح تقاسم المستثمرين ومدير المحفظة الأرباح
Diagram showing investor sharing of losses resulting from portfolio management