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Fundamental analysts consider all available data to help them to determine the relative value of a market.

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The concept of trading via the expert advisor

It is an intelligent automated trader who opens and closes deals according to algorithms programmed on them and this process is done through the trading platform.


Concept of trading

It is the exchange of foreign currencies and financial instruments in the markets via the Internet through a dedicated trading platform.


The concept of capital management

The concept of capital management deals with choosing the appropriate contract sizes for the owner’s head and how to calculate the places where profits can be made and the stop loss according to accurate calculations away from risks.


The concept of investment

It is about managing the account away from risk by determining verbal ratios by the account holder in order to identify and limit potential losses.


We own many groups of trading instruments, including CFDs, foreign currencies, metals, or foreign economic indicators.


We provide advanced analyses by us via the newsletter or through communication channels with our customers.


We provide fundamental analyses via the newsletter or through communication channels with our customers.


We continually provide advice to our clients in order to manage the risks and necessity of using a stop loss.

استفد من التحليلات السبوعية

يمكن بخطوات بسيطة ان تستقبل التحليلات الاسبوعية المقدمة من قبلنا وتحقق اقصى استفادة

اشترك في تحليلاتنا الاسبوعية

بعد الضغط على اشتراك سيتم تحويلك الى رابط الموقع واضافة بريدك كـ جهة تواصل معك.